Chiron Astrology and Healing

Chiron says:
"Healing is the gradual awakening to the perfection of your life."
"If the Universe is a cosmic symphony, then we are the music and Healing is our ascending melody..."

Who and What is Chiron?

      A native American prophecy states that when the planet of Healing is discovered in the sky, the ancient sacred warrior teachings will return to the Earth. In 1977, Chiron, the Planet of Healing, was discovered. (Chiron is a cometary body orbiting mainly between Saturn and Uranus.)

      Chiron's issues and affairs concern health and disease and their relationship to our spiritual journey through life. Chiron says that health and disease, dysfunction and disorder, are our teachers. They are homing beacons towards our Return to Spirit, towards greater wholeness, consciousness, Truth and Love.

      Orthodox medicine and psychology approach dysfunction from the point of view of symptoms and their root causes. Chiron calls the root cause, the Wound. Orthodoxy seeks to fix, correct, cure, or get rid of our Wounds. Chiron says that there is nothing to fix, correct, cure or get rid of. Chiron says that the Wound contains a Gift and that the Healing journey is the process of discovering that Gift. The Wound is Healed when the Gift is embraced.

      Chiron's issues, affairs, lessons, and messages are mirrored in the mythology of its namesake. Chiron in the myth was the centaur--half horse (animal) and half human--who was wounded in the leg and subsequently pursued a vocation of healing under the guidance of Apollo, the god of Light.

      As Chiron's message unfolds, we begin to see that Healing is not just about health and disease, but encompasses every area of human endeavor and human expression, from astrology to medicine to mythology to quantum physics. Chiron takes us on a journey through our Darkness, personally and collectively, seeking the Light, in search of the Gift in the Wound.

Martin Lass

For more information about Chiron, read the following article:
"Musing of a Rogue Comet - The Chiron Paradigm" by Martin Lass

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