Meet Toni
       ntoinette (Toni) Thomas-Dore is an Ohio Native, a graduate of Ohio State University with a degree in Education, an author in the field of education, but first and foremost a gifted astrologer. She first had her own chart read in 1975; she was told at that time that she would one day become an astrologer. Twenty-five years later she found herself going to conferences with other astrologers and developing a full-time astrology practice. And to this day she still communicates with her first astrologer and teacher.

Toni Thomas
       he reading of astrological charts is a very complex and detailed art. Toni pairs her astrological knowledge with her education and years of experience each time she does a translation of a client's personal astrological chart. Each client can be assured of her added insights in this translation as she guides them with depth and compassion. She sees each session as a lesson in helping you understand your chart so that you, the client, can understand the cycles of your life.
       oni has over 1700 private clients Nationwide. She has appeared on National TV, been featured in Newspapers and is continuously asked to speak and consult with groups large and small. She is available for business meetings, conventions, and private consultations.
Love Toni

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