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Astrology: The Science of Human Behavior


is as much about people and events as it is about the stars and planets.
It is the study of who we are. There is still a perception that we are all victims of fate and Astrology is perceived by many people to be about prediction – that our fate is caste in stone. Actually, this is not the case as we are all born with free will and have responsibilities for our own lives. 

Life is a mixture of successes and triumphs, sadness and loss, and Astrology is a tool for guiding you through it. Your life can be seen in the patterns created by the cycles of the planets and their positions in the heavens at the time of your birth. 

Man discovered these patterns many, many years ago. He also discovered that energy in many forms – gravity, full-moon energies, tides, etc., had an effect on humans everywhere.

Astrology is the name we give to the science 
that defines that energy.  

from Astrologer Antoinette (Toni) Thomas-Dore

Astrology views mankind as influenced by hereditary factors, the environment and also the state of our solar system at the moment of birth. The planets are seen as forces that help shape our lives. The Astrology chart shows the individual that which can best help you understand your purpose in this lifetime.
Explore your spiritual lessons, health, relationships and your core beliefs that can become challenges to success and happiness.
You will also receive a description and discussion of the Astrological themes that will be present over the coming 12 months.

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"Millionaires don't use Astrology, Billionaires do!" 
J. P. Morgan

For thousands of years, Astrology and business, Astrologers and people who take charge of their lives have helped one another. It's your turn to use this knowledge to your advantage!

When is it a good idea for you to sit down and talk with an Astrologer?

If you're thinking about it, there must be a reason - some question or choice that's on your mind.

The symbolism of your Natal Horoscope, its zodiac signs, houses, planets, and points represent the journey of your soul and the path you have chosen for this lifetime. The planets move and your spirit explores new possibilities as you manifest a variety of realities for continued study. You are in the process of your life.

My job is to help you explore alternatives and possibilities. Then you can make better decisions for your future based on your free choice. 

"Every pursuit--business, career, prosperity, relationships, spirituality, happiness, personal growth--is a part of the flow of energy in your life."

Let me help you develop your personal life design, to plan strategies to create the life you want, a future in sync with your dreams.”

Let’s explore the possibilities for your life! 

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