Kind Words


"Kind Words"

“I think she has to be one of the best”

Toni was very helpful and professional. I really enjoyed her reading. She was very calm and straight to the point with her advice. I think she has to be one of the best.
Eric (Cleveland, OH)

“It’s amazing how accurate you were…”

Dear Toni.
Your insight, your wisdom and your intuitive sense guided me to the answers that i needed to hear. Whenever i need reassurance that i am on the right path i will call you!
Jean (Atlanta, GA)

“I was skeptic… but now i believe”

Dear Toni.
When i met you a few years ago, I was a skeptic. I thought astrology was mainly for fun and only accurate by coincidence. But as the year 2000 unfolded before me and all of your prophecies were fulfilled, i became a believer! Toni’s readings have prepared me for obstacles in my life, and her reports have given me an insight into my personality, helping me to understand who i am, and why.
Gerri (New York, NY)

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