Monthly Outlook

Monthly Outlook

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Happy Birthday GEMINI and CANCER Natives!! 


Julylooks dramatic and offers great potential for change and progress. It starts with a stunning nighttime visual as Venusjoins Jupiterat 21° Leo. This pretty conjunction can be seen shortly after sunset, and will be best viewed in the first half of July. Look west and enjoy the celestial show. As Venusappears to hang in the sky, slowing down for her upcoming retrograde, energy builds. Desires, dreams, and needs around relationships may deepen or intensify. Great insights can emerge, especially if you’re comfortable stepping back and turning your attention inward. There is an urge to look our best. We take more pride in our appearance. This will likely be a favorable time socially.  

The Moonjoins Venusand Jupiterin Leoon July 18 – 20, adding extra emphasis to the “think big” themes of Venusand Jupiter. A Venus Jupiteraspect can arouse a sense of hope and optimism for the future. All things may seem possible, or a welcome and overdue connection may be made. Even though the conjunction peaks at the start of the month, the Moon’s influence may bring a little more of this celestial sweetness to the surface when she joins Venus and Jupiter from July 18 – 20. This infuses the first part of July with a sense of potential. Things that come to mind are the making of a generous gesture and the giving or receiving of heartfelt support. You may be inspired to go beyond familiar limits with loved ones. In our personal lives, issues involve refining the ways we interact in our close partnerships. Where we combine deeply for a purpose that empowers both business as well as personal partnerships we dig into our psyche and come face-to-face with our hidden fears concerning trusting others in our bonded partnerships. In our intimate relationships, we may be working through issues as a way of achieving deeper emotional connection with loved ones. Exercise caution when communicating. There is an urge to be aggressive in presenting your point of view. Mercuryand Marsconjoin and oppose Plutothis month. A Mars-Plutoaspect reaches deep into our psyche and can send matters spinning out of control. Avoid arguments, postpone making agreements, and put off signing contracts.  

This conjunction with Jupiteris one of two important but contrasting aspects Venuswill make in the lead-up to starting her retrograde on July 24. After the July 1 conjunction with Jupiter, Venus in Leowill square Saturnat the tail end of Scorpio. Debts have to be paid and work has to be done. Do not neglect responsibilities. On the 14th, Venusand Marstie up with Saturn and this will cool the love engine. Deal- ing with our ego is difficult, but the ego is stiffened by Saturn and makes feeling more difficult. Social life will slow down. Work will cut into play.  

On the 26th, Uranus will turn retrograde which indicates a slowdown of protests, uprisings, and other outward expressions of rebellion. Both the establishment and those who oppose it will realize they need to acknowledge each other’s position. It can be a productive time for negotiations, with both sides reconsidering their future course of action. On a personal level, we’ll be looking at what we feel most passionately about and how far we are willing to go in standing up for ourselves. Jupiterin Leo trine Uranus increases our capacity to give and receive love.  

The Full Moonis on July1 at 10:20pm at 9 55‘ Capricorn. This is a good time to spread any word or message. People are receptive, and they spread ideas. This is not a good time to share secrets; people tend to talk. A New Moonoccurs when the Moonand the Sunare in the same sign at the same degree. It is a time of concentrated energies and new beginnings. This month the New Moonoccurs in the sign of Cancer at 23 14 on July 15 at 9:24pm. There will likely be a sudden shortfall in benefits or the announcement of a layoff only to discover that a new door will soon open. Stay alert to what is coming to you. Blessings coming in surprising ways. To find out how this month’s planetary activity affects you personally, e-mail Toni at or call 404-423-9023to schedule a reading or order a report. :-)
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