Mercury Retrograde Until January 25

  • By Toni Thomas
  • 16 Jan, 2016

It’s official, I have a blog and I know how to use it.

I have finally decided to take the plunge and add a blog to my site. I always wanted an easy way to share information with visitors and I’m super excited to start this journey. Keep coming back to my site and check for updates right here on the blog.
By Toni Thomas 16 Jan, 2016
  Happy Birthday Capricorn and Aquarius Natives!! Welcome to 2016!!
 We enter this new year under the influence of two planets turning retrograde this month - Jupiter and Mercury! Mercury - ever so curious and versatile - which turns retrograde on January 5th at 1º Aquarius and retrogrades back into Capricorn until January 25th when it begins to move forward at 14º Capricorn. Mercury’s action is our signal to slow down and address unfinished business from the past. Usually there are blockages or delays. We can make the most of this first month of 2016 by resolving existing issues and clearing the way for progress next month. During this month Mercury also makes a square (a 90 degree angle) to Mars - a challenging aspect. Our words are not completely understood or delivered smoothly. There will be tons of minor mishaps everywhere. Appliances act up, cars break down, computers go haywire, and in general, day to day affairs can be scrambled. Not to worry. All things must pass. A positive slant is to repair those cars and appliances. Clean and clear up things to be better prepared later. Jupiter in Virgo turns retrograde on the 7th and lasts 4 months (until May 9), so this gives you enough time to reconsider decisions you have made, to find new options, and to refine your goals or priorities with an emphasis on honesty and integrity. When Jupiter turns retrograde, the action of Jupiter is reversed so that the emphasis is upon inner awareness, personal integrity and inner growth. Time to be honest with yourself.
    On January 3rd Mars begins a two-month stay in Scorpio, where this Mars energy is very powerful as Mars co-rules Scorpio. Things can become intense in the area of your life where Mars falls in your chart. Strong emotions and desires often accompany this transit. Chill!
    Uranus turned direct last month on the 25th, reigniting feelings of passion and impulsivity. As this revolutionary planet moves forward, it comes within a degree of an exact square to Pluto this month. We are likely to revisit feelings of restlessness, impatience, anger and the desire to make some radical changes. Issues that came to a head as far back as 2012 could resurface, and we may find ourselves presented with another opportunity to change. Structural flaws in all parts of your life are more likely to be exposed now in order to raise awareness and pave the way for lasting change. With Uranus direct in Aries for the next 7 months, we have another opportunity to free ourselves from the ties that bind.
      January’s New Moon occurs on Saturday the 9th at 8:30pm at 19ºCapricorn13’. Every month on the day of the New Moon the energy of the atmosphere opens to receive new ‘seeds’. For centuries, farmers have used New Moon cycles for planting their crops. We can use the same potent New Moon energy for stating our dreams and goals. With this New Moon in Capricorn you will find yourself concerned with your future security, responsibilities, goals, success and skills! The Full Moon occurs on the 23rd when the Moon will shine brightly in our sky at 8:45pm at 3ºLeo29’. Tune into this Full Moon by focusing on creativity, fun and love! Enjoy! :-)

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By Toni Thomas 16 Jan, 2016
I have finally decided to take the plunge and add a blog to my site. I always wanted an easy way to share information with visitors and I’m super excited to start this journey. Keep coming back to my site and check for updates right here on the blog.
By Toni Thomas 16 Jan, 2016
Anyone can make one:
For better or worse, anyone can write a blog post about anything they want. Everyone has a voice and the best voices will rise to the top.

The writer can show their personality:
In blog posts, the writer has more leeway to add in their voice and personality than other types of writing.

Blogs are a great form of mass communication:
You can help people, learn new things, entertain your audience—the possibilities are endless and amazing. Blogging opens up all of these to a very wide audience.

You can make money:

Get the right blog going and you can make a lot of money through advertising and sponsored posts.

It allows people to craft better thoughts:
Instead of reading haphazard, uneducated Facebook statuses, it’s much better to see people’s thought process in a well-written blog post.

You can establish a community:
Blogging allows you to connect with other individuals who share the same interests. Sharing ideas and opinions within your community helps establish yourself as a thought leader.

Good for SEO:
Keeping content on your site fresh and relevant, you can use your blog to boost the search engine ranking (SEO) of your site and your business.

It brings people back to your site:

If your blog is strong enough and updated regularly, people will come back looking for more and bring traffic back to your site as well.

It’s free:
It costs you a grand total of zero dollars to post to the blog, so if you have something to say, there’s nothing to stop you.

You can establish yourself as a thought leader:

A blog is a great place for your original thoughts, and it can be a wonderful way to show off your individuality. If people like your ideas, you can become a thought leader in your industry!

What else do you love about blogs? Let me know!
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