New / Full Moons

New / Full Moons

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Full Moons 2016


Full Moon

on the 23rd at 3 Leo 29 at 8:46pm FULL WOLF MOON

New Moon

on the 9th at 19 Capricorn at 8:30pm


on the 22nd at 3 Virgo 34 at 1:20pm FULL SNOW MOON

on the 8th at 19 Aquarius 16 at 9:39am


on the 23rd at 3 Libra 17 at 8:01am FULL WORM
on the 8th at 18 Pisces 56 at 8:54pm -VERNAL EQUINOX *SOLAR ECLIPSE* at 5:36am on the 9th at 3 Pisces 05 at 1:58am


on the 22nd at 2 Scorpio 31 at 1:24am FULL PINK MOON
on the 7th at 18 Aries 04 at 7:24am


on the 21st at 1 Sagittarius 14 at 5:14pm FULL FLOWER MOON
on the 6th at 16 Taurus 41 at 3:29pm


on the 20th at 29 Sagittarius 33 at 7:02am FULL STRAWBERRY MOON
on the 4th at 14 Gemini 53 at 10:59pm


on the 19th at 27 Capricorn 40 at 6:56pm FULL BUCK MOON
on the 4th at 12 Cancer 54 at 7:01am


on the 18th at 25 Aquarius 52 at 5:25am FULL STURGEON MOON
on the 2nd at 10 Leo 58 at 4:44pm


on the 16th at 24 Pisces 20 at 3:05pm FULL HARVEST MOON *LUNAR ECLIPSE*
on the 1st at 9 Virgo 21 at 5:03am *SOLAR ECLIPSE*


on the 16th at 23 Aries 14 at 0:23am FULL HUNTER’S MOON
on the 30th at 7 Scorpio 44 at 1:38pm


on the 14th at 23 Taurus 47 at 8:52am FULL BEAVER MOON
on the 29th at 7 Sagittarius 43 at 7:18am


on the 13th at 22 Gemini 26 at 7:05pm FULL COLD MOON
on the 29th at 7 Capricorn 59 at 1:53am

NEXT BLUE MOON:The expression “Once in a Blue Moon” refers to a month in which Two Full Moons occur and happens only every few years. The Moon can sometimes appear bluish because of atmospheric conditions.  The expression 'once in a blue moon' came about because we rarely have a month with two full moons. This happens only once every few years!! And, in 2016 there are no Blue Moons!

Harvest Moon 
A Harvest Moon is no ordinary Full Moon; it behaves in a special way. Throughout the year the Moon generally rises about 50 minutes later each day. Near the autumn equinox the day-to-day difference in the local time of moonrise is only 30 minutes. That comes in handy for northern farmers who are working long days to harvest their crops before autumn. The extra dose of lighting afforded by the Full Moon is what gives the Harvest Moon its name.

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