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May 20th

Today's moon-Mercury mission, should you accept it, isn't to press for shiny clarity in your communication skills, but rather to revel in humor and the day's luxuriant riddles. Keep lunar Gemini (void after lunchtime through bedtime) on your side by being as laughably uninhibited and footloose as you dare. 'Tis a fantastic day for cultivating a willingness to change, for short-term fixes, and heeding Cark Jung's warning: "Were it not for the leaping and twinkling of the soul, human beings would rot away in their greatest passion: idleness." Say "yes" to busy-ness, chance meetings, extraneous insights from friends, accidental revelations, and make the most of all that comes and the least of all that goes. 

May 19th

The big news is that the planet Mercury is now going retrograde (moving slower than the Earth) as of yesterday the18th of May. Enjoy this time to slow down and think, and re-think any plans you have to get things done. Behind the scenes activities are brought to light and you will have a chance to clean out and clear out activities that have been sitting around for a while.

May 18th 

Mercury is now Retrograde until June 11!! This is an excellent time to research a new path . . . yes! Mercury is retrograde but that is not all! Check out this video!
 Saturn and Pluto are also moving retrograde! Yes, we are used to Mercury going retrograde as it does this three and sometimes four times a year - and last for three weeks. Since Mercury turns retrograde as it is moving in front of Gemini - the sign it rules and where it feels very comfortable - this time will be even more intense as it turns retrograde on the day of the New Moon, and the Sun moves into Gemini and joins Mars and Venus already moving in Gemini! So, the next three weeks will be interesting . . . . just plan on taking your time, re-doing paperwork - and be sure you know where your keys are. After June 11 life will begin to ease up. Just know you have been warned! And, be careful! We will talk about Saturn and Pluto joining this Retrograde Party and what you can look forward to!
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