"My written reports make great gifts!"
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Our written reports make great gifts! Give someone you care for the gift of understanding themselves. Give that special someone, who has everything, the unique gift of personalized astrological information. Our reports make unique and personal gifts for all occassions: birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, wedding showers, baby showers, retirement gifts as well as everyday presents. Our relationship profiles add valuable insight into any relationship including business, parent/child, friends, or just casual acquaintances.

Personality Profile — $15.00

This 35-page report is an analysis of your birth chart. You will be amazed how this profile describes your personality.

Three-Month Forecast: $10.00
Six-Month: $15.00
One Year: $25.00

This day-to-day "weather report" describes current and upcoming energies, trends, and cycles in your life. This information is invaluable when making important life decisions.

Compatibility/Relationship Profile — $25.00

This 35 + page report discusses the strengths and weaknesses of any relationship, whether it be with a spouse, lover, family member, friend, co-worker, etc.

Vocation Report — $15.00

A wonderful tool to determine your strengths, ability to earn money, your unused potential, etc. You'll get information about possible vocations or professions in a clear and direct way.

Karmic Past Life Report — $15.00

This in-depth report gives you insight into your soul's intentions and lessons to be learned in this lifetime, and may help clarify your goals. 

Canine/Feline Report — $15.00

Pet owners know that each pet has its own unique personality, and this report describes your pet's personality and how you can provide an environment in which your pet can thrive and be happy! Great information to have when you get that new puppy or kitten!!

Chart/Art Wheels — $25.00 (sent snail mail)

The planetary positions are placed within these exquisitely beautiful chart wheel images. These chart wheels are perfect for framing. We offer dozens of chart wheel styles with hundreds of variations from which to choose. Art wheels are beautiful full-color chart wheels and come framed and ready to hang or give as gifts.


All reports are e-mailed

(All astrological charts, which are the basis for these reports and our consultations, require the Date, Place and Time Of Birth (if known).
Your exact birth time can be found on your birth certificate.
If your birth time is not available an adequate chart can still be derived, and
thanks to Toni's instincts and insights, much can be gleaned from your chart.) 
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