"Kind Words"

“I think she has to be one of the best”

Toni was very helpful and professional. I really enjoyed her reading. She was very calm and straight to the point with her advice. I think she has to be one of the best.
Eric (Cleveland, OH)

“It’s amazing how accurate you were…”

Dear Toni.
Your insight, your wisdom and your intuitive sense guided me to the answers that i needed to hear. Whenever i need reassurance that i am on the right path i will call you!
Jean (Atlanta, GA)

“I was skeptic… but now i believe”

Dear Toni.
When i met you a few years ago, I was a skeptic. I thought astrology was mainly for fun and only accurate by coincidence. But as the year 2000 unfolded before me and all of your prophecies were fulfilled, i became a believer! Toni’s readings have prepared me for obstacles in my life, and her reports have given me an insight into my personality, helping me to understand who i am, and why.
Gerri (New York, NY)

“My romantic life…”

Dear Toni
Thank you so much for your work with me yesterday. It helped immensely. 
Remember when you told me that my romantic life would be getting interesting?
Well, last night i met a sexy new man when i went out. I am planning to see him again. I don’t think that i would have been as receptive to him if ihadn’t gotten the guidance from you. You’re the best!
Kris (Baltimore, MD)

“Just as you Predicted”

I am really beginning to like my time alone more and more, just as you predicted. I am now discovering what i want for MY life. Your are by far one of the most “profound” people i know.
Suzie (Phoenix,AZ)

“My business has been prospering…”

My business has been prospering ever since you tolde me to expand and leave the frear behind. I followed your advice, moved to the larger location, and hired three new people. My business is going through the roof. I never believed in astrology, but Toni you have changed my mind for good.
Bob (Montgomery, AL)

“Your insights are very helpful…”

My Dear Toni,
Thank you for being so warm and generous. The small amount of time we spend on the phone goes a long way. Your insights are very helpful.
Micah (Cincinnati, OH)

“It is as if we have been friends for a lifetime”

Dear Toni,
When i talk to you it is as if we have been friends for a lifetime. The last time i talked to you i had met a great guy. He makes me feel so safe and good. I guess if i had to describe it, he’s my other half Your insights - astrological and otherwise - have encouraged me to take a further look into this intriguing encounter. Thank you, Miss T.
Dianna (Oakland, CA)

“Thank you for coming into my life…”

Dear Toni,
I spoke with you a few months ago. We talked and talked i really enjoyed speaking with you. You lifted my whole being. Do you remember when you told me not to sign anything until after 27th of last month? My husband and i signed our escrow instructions on the 8th of this month and it is really happening for us. If we had not waited, other complications would have arisen and we wouldn’t be where we are now. Thank you for coming into my life when you did.
Gloria (Atlanta, GA)

“We got the house… as you predicted!”

Hi Toni,
Thanks again for a great reading! By the way, we got the house… as you predicted!
Rob (Roswell, GA)

“My wife got the promotion you said she would…”

You asked me the last time we talked to give you a rundown on what happened since we last spoke. Well, my boss was on a rampage (as you predicted he would be); my wife got the promotion you said she would get; my oldest son got into the school on full-scholarship, as you said he would; and I, well, I will be retiring by the end of the year. You said this would be a year of change and transition. So far you are right! Thanks for your insight and encouragement to keep going.
George (Pensacola, FL)

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